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Basic Player Info
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2011, 07:00:24 pm »
Hey Guys This Is For Creators Or The Ones Who Are Becoming Creators. Please Keep In Mind That You Keep This Order.

struct BasicPlayerInfo
           char Spacer00[4];
      float MovementSpeed;
      float MovementWalkRate;
      float MovementDuckWalkRate;
      float MovementSideMoveRate;
      float MovementFrontBackRunAnimationRate;
      float MovementLeftRightRunAnimationRate;
      float MovementFrontBackWalkAnimationRate;
      float MovementLeftRightWalkAnimationRate;
      float MovementAcceleration;
      float MovementFriction;
      float JumpTime;
      float JumpVelocity;
      float JumpLandedWaitTime;
      float JumpLandedNoJumpTimeRate;
      float JumpRepeatPenaltyMoveRate;
      float JumpRepeatPenaltyHeightRate;
      float JumpLandedMovePenaltyTimeRate;
      float JumpLandedMovePenaltyMoveRate;
           char Spacer01[40];
      float DamagePenaltyTime;
      float DamagePenaltyMoveRate;
      float C4PlantTime;
      float C4DefuseTime;
      float MaxCanDefuseDistance;
      float CharacterHiddenAlpha;
      float CharacterHiddenWalkAlpha;
      float CharacterHiddenRunAlpha;
      float MovementHiddenRate;
      DWORD CrossHairColor;
      float CrossHairRedChangeRate;
      float CrossHairGreenChangeRate;
      float CrossHairBlueChangeRate;

Thanks For Reading. And Welcome To Our Site 8)
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