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Hey Guys. Um I Have Made A Hack That Is VIP! And I Would Like To Share It With YOU! So That More People Join Our Forum

How To Use It.
1.Change The File Mlang.dll To sxs.dll
2.Copy The File That You Have Renamed To sxs.dll And Put It In Crossfire Dictionary.

Working For CrossFire NA - Undetected (WORKING!)
Working For CrossFire PH - Undetected (WORKING!)
Working For CrossFire EU - Undetected (WORKING!)
Working For CrossFire RU - Undetected (WORKING!)
Working for CrossFire INDO - Undetected Or Detected (WORKING!)
Working for CrossFire VN- Undetected (WORKING!)

Supported OS:
WinXP: v Yes,
Win7 : v Yes,
Vista : v Yes.

Tested on:
Vista : WORKING!

Features (Everything is auto on):
- Wall Hack
- See Ghost
- Draw Line
- Draw Box
- Tag Name
- HP bar
-Jump Hack
-No Recoil
-No Reload
-No Reload Sniper
-Max Range Weapon
-No Fall Damage
-No Grenade Damage
- Teleport
- Auto HeadShot(fixed working zombie,mutant)
- One hit zombie more(boss)
- One hit zombie
- Long mini Knife
- Mini Speed hack
- WalK Through Wall
- One Shot Cash player
- Shoot Through Wall

YouTube Video

Viruse Scan

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